Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yesterday! Quite a day yesterday was. I feel almost like I wasted the first part of the day on nothing. I spent four hours on my computer, not doing homework, just wasting time. At one point I saw how much time had passed and became mad at myself. I decided to call my friend Mykul and he suggested we go for a drive. I drove by Mykul’s place and he took over driving. I asked him where we were going and he replied, “north”. Cool, north, wonderful I though. At one point I asked him how far north. “Idaho” was his response. Because the conversation and the music were good I let it fly. We drove through some beautiful scenery. I did not realize how gorgeous places in Utah could be. We drove through Cache Valley and reached the first town in Idaho by nine. We stopped at a gas station, both bought lottery tickets and turned back to go home. Around the beginning of our trip Mykul had mentioned that he needed to move around and get out. I know I felt the same I just did not realize it until it was happening. It is interesting how one can feel like a stranger in his own state. When we got up to Logan I felt like such an alien. I felt as if I were a lonesome traveler. No home no ties. It was truly wonderful. I got to thinking about an old friend named Walter. I have not seen him in over five years; it has been over two years since we spoke. I heard he got married. Perhaps it is time I look him up again.

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