Saturday, October 6, 2007

Flog your dead horse

I have gotten the feeling lately that I have been putting too much effort, wasting so much time and causing myself to worry about things which are way beyond my control. Maybe it is just my nature. Perhaps I would attain this thing, which I feel is so important, only to find that I don’t really want it. That would hurt more then just me. And that’s not worth doing. Now that is something worth worrying about.

Yesterday was interesting. My first class was canceled so I had a bit of time to work on some things. When I was walking to my sports in American society class I noticed loud music and saw a crowd of people surrounding the lawn outside of the biology building. I went over and saw a group of people in underwear, covered in white powder and curled into balls. The modern dance department had decided to treat the students at the U O' Utah to a free outdoor concert. At one point a black man emerged holding a flower to the sky. He was all covered in white powder, which made him look like a ghost or some kind of angel, it reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, Jean Cocteau’s “Blood of a Poet” where we see a little boys guardian angel; I thought the two looked comparable. I had to get to my class so I did not get to see the entire performance. It reminded me of the Ballet’s that the Dadaists use to perform. It was refreshing to see this form of art being put out in the open for any passer by to see. It kind of reminded me of graffiti, not the gang related crap but the cool political stencils you see around the sidewalk. It was wonderful and brightened my day so much!
Work was very fun too! I got hit in the head twice by two different trays. And despite my warning to Colby he still put a bunch of dishes on the edge of a tray and they fell off and broke.

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