Friday, October 19, 2007


The last few days have been fun. We got some rain and I always enjoy the rain. I finally got the pictures I took of Mykul on to my computer. I have spent a bunch of time working out and I can see some improvement in the way I look, which is nice. I went out the other day and met a guy who lied about his name and had some odd ideas about intimacy. I’m not sure why he confided in me. I got out of that situation as fast as I could; he turned out to be a master’s student studying psychology. I should have known! Those people are sometimes the most fucked up out of any one. I must say that I really don’t have too much today in the way of thoughts. I work today and all day tomorrow. Maybe that’s why I am in a bad mood. I am irritable and feeling a bit cross. Here are some photos that chronicle the last few days.

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